Paid All Time Platform

Paid All Time Platform

super affiliate by paidalltime
PaidAllTime is a new platform that has just launched
This site offers you 4 different packages (free, bronze, silver, gold)
You can start as a free member or upgrader
After you sign up, you get $ 10 free to start
Your $ 10 can be used to buy a share and this share earns you up to 2.5% daily gain plus these earnings you will have three other ways to earn on the site which will make in all 4 ways to earn through this site.
1) the sponsorship extends on 3 levels and the percentage of the earning depends on your subscription.
2) you earn up to 2.5% per day on your pack
3) you gain up to 10% each month on the total number of packs purchased by your team, ie if you had 5 members in your team if these 5 members did not buy packs and worked with Only the bonus you earn 5×10 = $ 50 then you will get 10% off the $ 50 which will make $ 5
4) has the purchase of your pack the site offers you several products (application of publication on facebook a mailer ect)
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