New coin pre-registration- Top position!

New coin pre-registration- Top position!

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Conclusion of the new value Krypto coin system – start 05/11/2017

Legal form: Public limited company Head office: Switzerland
Former capitalization: 13.5 m. euros
———————————————— Incubation period & planning 2 years
Consultation and assessment by one of the most renowned lawyer’s offices in Switzerland
Technology: hybrid blockchain
Condition: 500,000,000 m. coins
Proof of Work – Proof of Stake

1. Instantly tradable and listed at the London Stock Exchange
2. Acquisition through business packages (5€-5000€) – entitled to commission from 250€ – entitled to commission till the 11th level from 5000€ (grades and levels follow)
3. DIRECT coin entry in your personal SAFE (patented) e-wallet
4. PROTECTION/support of the coin by precious metals and participations (complete loss almost not possible)
5. FIRST coin with a real material VALUE



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