Ads residual income!

Ads residual income!

The money obtained is divided into two portfolios:

 Cash Wallet: 60% cash balance. You can withdraw this money at any time.
 Business Wallet: 40% who stay on the program to offer ads for its other programs, its sites, blogs, youtube channel, etc …. And helping its teams develop.

From here we can see the other possibility:

– Members not having or having a small network will be able to generate gains via the PTC part. This will ONLY be members who do not generate more than $ 140 / month via this program, who will have access to the PTC section which will allow them to earn up to $ 140 per month! (The rule of 2 portfolios also apply to them). 10 clicks maximum per day.

When members offer their announcements, it is they who set the amount of view for their ad. From $ 0.40 to $ 1.

Example: A $ 200 member in his Wallet 2. He decides to create an ad for his Maniabook profile. It is therefore he who chooses if he pays 0.50 $ or 1 $ (for example) for each seen of his advertisement. From there, 50% of this amount will go back to Wallet 1 and 50% will go to the member viewing their ad.



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